Facebook Safety

Facebook is an excellent tool to stay in contact with friends and family, and also to meet new people, however we quickly forget an important childhood lesson-“don’t talk to strangers” – “but they are my friends you may say…” As Fb (Facebook) relies on people’s openness to share their information on a semi-public forum, some […]

PPC Advertising – The Hidden Cost

I recently held an internet marketing seminar at a WW2 spy school. The perfect setting, as the subject was internet marketing by stealth. A short while later, I began to think Google had sent an undercover agent to spy on us. Probably not, but it certainly seemed like it. because a week or so after […]

Tip For Local Business Marketing

What works well for big business may not necessarily help a small business to grow. In the retail industry, for example, what may work for major retailers may not work for a specialty retail store on the main street of a small town. While a large retailer can afford a well-produced television commercial, a local […]

The Basics Of Affiliate Network Marketing

“Getting started with affiliate marketing” 5 secrets you must know By now most of us have heard of network marketing and most of us have heard of affiliate programs. The majority understand network marketing basics much better than affiliate programs. So let’s cover a few basics so that you can determine whether network affiliate marketing […]

The # 1 Marketing Skills

In an online or Internet Marketing world, there are many gurus blab about their system or secret formula of online success. They will tell you that if you follow their systems, you will make tons of money. I am sure you've heard all these nonsense before. If you buy into their programs, you will soon […]